Hair Extension Care


Your new hairstyle should be brushed daily. Use, a wide-toothed comb. Never use a ball tip or hard plastic bristle brush on your extensions, these brushes can pull and stretch your extensions. Always comb from the ends to the roots and hold your extensions at the seal to prevent pulling. Ask your hairdresser to show you correct combing techniques.


Avoid wetting or washing your extensions for 2-3 days after initial application. Consult your hairdresser if your hair is prone to oiliness. Frequent Use Sulphate Free Shampoo contains a formulation of special ingredients to cleanse the natural hair and your extensions without build up. Rinse thoroughly to best maintain curl in your extensions, shampoo and rinse in cool water.


To best maintain the curl in your extensions allow your hair to air dry. When using a blow dryer it is best to use the cool setting. Use the cold setting on the dryer to set a blow-dry style. Avoid pulling your extensions with the brush when they are warm.


Ask your hairdresser for the best techniques for curling & styling your hair. You should take care to protect the ends of your extensions (and your own hair). Avoid using heated styling tools with a metal surface near the bonds.

Styling Products

You may use any of your normal styling products with your extensions, (hairsprays, mousse, and gels.) Consult your hairdresser for styling techniques best suited to your hairstyle.

General Information

Before adding extensions to your own hair. Your hairdresser will ask you to first wash your own hair in a frequent use mild shampoo (Sulphate Free) before application of the extensions, this removes any left behind products or residue from your natural hair.
If you have any other questions about your hair extensions, please consult ourselves or your own hairdresser.